Our Story

   The Bees Picked Me   

Sometimes in life things are thrown at you and with some reluctance you accept what the Universe has in store. This way I found one of  the biggest passions of my life - Bees.

In February of 2015 we noticed a natural bee hive hanging in a tree in our front yard. After they survived the winter of 2015 I decided to learn more about bees and what to do. I got a book, attended a bee course and joined the local bee club

Finally, in October of 2016 I collected all my courage, put my brand new bee suit on, cut the hive from the branch and transferred the bees into my first hive.

Since my first encounter with the mighty bee in 2016, my bees have not only won my heart, but turned into a passion that I decided to share with the world. 

The honey is absolutely beautiful, produced from nectar collected from a variety of native Australian flowers and blooms. Every time we extract the honey from a hive it is exciting to find out how this batch of honey is tasting like. 

Bees are such an amazing bunch that all work together in their colony, a hyper organism that makes decisions based on a democratic majority. Individual bees sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the colony. All their live the bees work in the hive, collect honey and protect the colony. 

As humans we benefit greatly from bees and should learn from their selfless nature.