Frequently asked questions

Why does honey taste different every time I buy a new batch?

Our honey comes straight from the bee hive. It has not been altered, heated or blended. That is a guarantee we give our customers. Because bees collect nectar from plants in their area that are in bloom at the time of collection, the taste depends on the type of plants for that location and time of year. If you like a particular taste of honey make note of the batch number and purchase more of the same batch or if no longer in stock you can look up time and location of your batch and purchase again in the next year from the same location. (Although this might not taste the same either, but is the closest you can get)

Where can I purchase honey?

Our honey is available in our online store or you can meet us on some selected markets. Find a list of markets we are attending here.

Where can I learn more about beekeeping?

Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We try to put new interesting videos out every week that will discuss aspects of beekeeping, honey production and more. Secondly, we recommend you join the local bee keepers club near you. You can find a list of clubs in Australia at the Amateur Beekeepers Association website.

Help! Bees moved into my property! How can I get rid of them?

Bees swarm when their hive is becoming too small for the large numbers of bees. The queen and half of the bees in the hive leave and initially settle on a branch near the hive. From their they are looking for a new home where they eventually build a new hive. We do collect swarms on the Central Coast of NSW. Please contact us and we will attend to your problem. Swarms are not dangerous as bees only get agressive when they protect their home. Please do not spray them as that will make them mad.